Alder Collection


Soft Seating

Low Profile, High Standards

A contemporary masterpiece of design and comfort. This thoughtfully crafted armchair is shaped to provide a sense of relaxation and ease for the user. With its low seat height, the sitting experience becomes lounge-like, enveloping you in comfort. The slender metal base and strong angles offer excellent support while creating an inviting focal point around the user. Each detail of Alder is carefully considered, seamlessly combining style and functionality.

Excellent Design

Alder is designed with flair, from the armrests to the legs, the silhouette's dynamic nature creates movement for the eyes.

Low Profile

With a low-profile design, Alder warmly invites users to lay back and indulge in a lounge-like embrace.

Strong Base

With a gorgeous metal frame that highlights a bold yet slender aesthetic, Alder's line-work guides eyes to its sitter as the focal point.


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Height: 34”
Seat Height: 15”
Arm to Arm Width: 30”
Seat Width: 21”
Depth: 33”

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